Welcome to Washing Machine Repairs. We are a professional company based in Sheffield.

We repair all makes and models of washing machines. We have a vast experience and have been repairing washing machines for many many years now. What we don't know about repairing them isn't worth knowing.

Our standard repair fee is £69.99* plus parts and surprisingly enough 4 out of 5 washing machines do not require parts.

We can talk you through the process of the repair process and answer any questions you may have.

If any parts are required then we will inform you and then provide a quote for these.

It is important to always operate with the guidelines and specification of your washing machine. By not doing so, you can cause damage to your washer and thats when you need to call us unfortunately. It can get expensive if you do, if parts are required. If you need to replace a drum for example, this can be a very expensive repair as some drums are sealed units.

If you have any concerns at all then please contact us on our contact page where you can send us an email.

When enquiring with us, can you let us know what is happening with your washing machine so this will help us diagnose as best we can via email. We would need to know the Make, Model and year of manufacture or at least the year you bought it.

This will also help us source or bring the relevant parts with us so that it does not involve another call out fee.

Please note that this website and Google position is FOR SALE. If you are from the trade and wish to buy this then please contact us.

*If your washing machine is beyond economical repair, there will be a Call Out fee of £40 to cover our costs and diagnosis.